Christmas has come early for former President Donald Trump’s sworn enemies.  Spiraling inflation may obliterate the Democratic Party’s control of the House and Senate in next year’s midterm elections.  President Joe Biden’s presidency appears to be sinking to the bottom of the Potomac like a fossilized carcass.  Vice President Kamala Harris is howling her way into political oblivion.  But the news, which no American outside of Washington and the political media has waited for, is tantalizingly close.  Trump’s former and final White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows could be clapped in irons and sent to the other big house — federal prison.

The House committee charged with investigating the Capitol Hill riot on January 6th has found the Republican in contempt of Congress for refusing to appear before its inquisitors.  If prosecuted and found guilty of snubbing their official demand, the founder of the Freedom Caucus could lose his for up to one year and owe $100,000 in fines.

Polling shows that the struggle to pay everyday bills and the burden of rising inflation top the list of voter concerns.  A USA Today survey released, last week, reveals that nearly three in four Americans believe it would be good for the country to "reject political hostility and divisiveness and focus more on their common ground.”  But in Washington’s political swamp, the only common ground between Trump and his obsessed pursuers is January 6th — their Groundhog Day.