In the run up to the 2020 presidential primaries, former President Barack Obama reportedly warned a fellow Democrat, “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to fuck things up.”  In hindsight, Obama was being kind.  As President Joe Biden wanders the halls of the West Wing searching for his misplaced presidency and a young staffer’s hair to sniff, voters increasingly doubt that the easily distracted and alarmingly disjointed 46th president is able to do much of anything at all.

Once famous for his common, if often unwanted, touch, Biden has lost touch with the moderate middle. In a new CBS News poll released on the eve of Biden’s one year, inaugural anniversary, over two thirds of American adults say that Biden is focused on issues of little to no importance to them.  And while the average Joe likes Amtrak Joe, over half say White House Joe doesn’t care about the needs of people like them.  Gallup reports that moderate voters are defecting to the GOP.

For five decades, Biden prided himself on his personal connection to and compassion for the working class.  Even Republicans grudgingly credited the scrappy kid from Scranton, Pennsylvania for his collegiality.  But now, in his twilight years, Biden has become a short tempered shadow of his former self.  Voters are as likely to witness the president letting out a strange stage whisper as howling to get off his White House lawn.  The frustration is mutual.