If President Joe Biden hopes that Black voters will reward him in the November midterms for fulfilling his campaign pledge to confirm America’s first African American woman to the Supreme Court, he may want to consult the price of milk  and gas first.  As it stands, an astounding three quarters of Americans disagree with Biden’s identity first, qualifications second approach to the high bench.  Over the weekend, ABC News released its findings that 76% of American voters would have preferred that the Commander in Chief consider all possible candidates.  “Only a little more than 1 in 4 nonwhite Americans (28%)” support Biden’s “Black females only need apply.”

Meanwhile, as New York Magazine points out, Biden’s sinking approval has been “especially steep” among African American voters from an 83% approval rating last April to 64% last week.  The left leaning magazine points to rising inflation as the most likely culprit, with 50% of African Americans saying they are “very worried” about rising prices, and even more blame Biden.

Political guru James Carville, who steered former President Bill Clinton’s come from behind victory in 1992, famously coined the phrase, “It’s the economy, stupid.”  And despite the media’s unrelenting attacks on President Donald Trump, the Leader of the Deplorables gained small but significant support among Black voters buoyed by record low rates of unemployment and poverty during Trump’s volatile reign.  Now, those hard won gains are being eroded by rising gas prices and empty grocery store shelves.  Politically, Biden is paying the price.