Once hailed by CNN boss Jeff Zucker “the perfect cable news anchor,” former prime time star Chris Cuomo is now television dead weight. Over the weekend, CNN announced that it has canned the cable news hunk amid detailed reports on how he used his privileged perch to help his embattled brother, the now former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, beat back sexual harassment allegations.

Back in May, when word first leaked of Cuomo’s active participation in his brother’s damage control, CNN defended their host, calling his lapse of ethics “inappropriate.” Cuomo explained to his viewers, “Being a journalist and a brother to a politician is unique, and a unique challenge. And I have a unique responsibility to balance those roles.” Last week, the New York attorney general released a trove of documents in its investigation of the elder Cuomo that showed how uniquely Cuomo mixed the personal and professional. In one particularly vivid exchange, Cuomo the younger texted his brother’s team, “I have a lead on the wedding girl,” an apparent reference to one of his brother’s accusers who was seen in a photo recoiling from the governor’s grasp.

The New York Post reports that Cuomo intends to extract the $18 to $20 million still left on his four-year, CNN contract. Cuomo claims that his cable news bosses knew of his behind-the-scenes machinations all along. The lawsuit threatens to make CNN the most busted name in news.